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Smart Marketers know that traffic to a website is key for potential increase in sales. Giving away a free software that is branded specifically to you that has your custom link, has every potential to go viral. Viral = MORE TRAFFIC!

The Targeted Lead Extractor is programmed to extract emails by specifically targeting Opportunity Seekers. Being that this is the case, an Internet Marketer who is trying to build a list, should highly consider having this software customized to their Business, Organization or Offer.

For this reason I suggest that you point your URL to a Lead Capture Page that is well designed and offers your branded copy of the Targeted Lead Extractor.

Here are the main points I want to get across to you:

  • • First, get your software branded with your logo, brand, promotion or opportunity.
  • • Second, build a lead capture system on a rock solid platform.
  • • Third, promote your FREE software by giving it away on Social Sites.
  • • Fourth, build your list of targeted interested prospects.
  • • Fifth, engage your list and build trust with value based information and products.
  • • Sixth, monetize your list.

You will need to supply two graphic images that you want to appear in the header and footer.
Header: 332 Pixels Wide X 70 Pixels Tall, 300 DPI
Footer: 332 Pixels Wide X 177 Pixels Tall, 300 DPI

*Extra art charges may apply if "camera ready" art work is not supplied.
**No refunds will be made once the completed Targeted Lead Extractor software has beed delivered.

I am making this offer to you, business to business. If you decide to purchase your branded version of the Targeted Lead Extractor, I promise to work closely with you ensuring your software will be branded and delivered in a timely manner.

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